About Us

We are a photography company from the Bay Area, California. We specialize in portraits, weddings, and events! For us, photography is our creative outlet and is a way of expressing our art through beautiful memories. Not only do we enjoy taking pictures, we enjoy sharing it with our friends, family, and the photography communities even more. We are enthusiastic and friendly people who will make sure to capture every moment of your events.

Meet the Team

Name: Kevin
Position: Main Photographer

"Hi everyone! I am the main photographer for the KNL company. As the main photographer, it is my job to sure that everything goes smoothly during the photography coverage. I always make it my priority to that our clients are treated with the best professional service. Photography has been a hobby and passion of mine in college. What started as a hobby has now turned into a professional career. I enjoy taking pictures and capturing the perfect moment that our clients will enjoy for years to come. If you are planning a wedding or any other event, KNL photography will always give you top quality and professional work at an affordable rate."

Name: Lisa
Position: Editor and Second Photographer

"Hey everybody! I am the editor/second photographer in the KNL company. I primarily work more behind the scenes; editing photos, working on our websites, and picking and choosing our best photos for our clients! My love for photography started back in high school, and grew more and more as I started college. I am a lover of art, fashion, and music, and always find ways to incorporate those elements into my photography. I love capturing details and candid moments, and I would say that is my greatest strength. I am always looking forward to meeting with new clients and getting to know you all so that I can put my best foot forward and provide you with some amazing photos!"